The Artists

Sebastien-PhxNewTimesCredit Sebastien Millon is a Phoenix-based artist whose work, at first glance often depicts cute, sweet cartoon animals – that is, if you consider carnivorous bunnies and homicidal bears to be “sweet and cute”.Hip Veggies Artist Profile  |  Bag: Little Owlie Loves a Fat Beet!
JoeRay Joe Ray is a Latino painter and printmaker living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of Joe’s work is reflective of a bi-cultural perspective formed by the Arizona and Mexico region(s), the people living in that region as well as a contemporary Chicano perspective. The work speaks to the Mexicano, the Chicano, the Hispanic and the Gavacho. Joe is Vice President of Multicultural Marketing at E.B. Lane, a marketing and advertising agency in Phoenix.Hip Veggies Artist Profile  |  Bag: Shut Up and Eat Your Nopales!
MarisaHallValdez Marisa Hall Valdez, the artist behind Fat Stache Studio, brings together the love of color, and fluid lines, and that’s what makes Marisa’s art fun to look at. Even though Marisa doesn’t have a moustache, her dad did, so she chose the name “Fat Stache” to honor the legacy of community involvement that her family is known for.Hip Veggies Artist Profile  |  Bag: “Kale who?” Featuring Rainbow Chard! (coming soon!)
HugoMedina Hugo Medina was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and immigrated to New York as a child, where his interest in art was fostered by his architect father. Hugo received his BFA from C.W Post/ Long Island University in 1998 and his Masters in Education from University of Phoenix in 2006. Hugo’s great appreciation and admiration of the Southwest and a constant search for adventure brought me to Phoenix in 1998. In Phoenix he has enjoyed teaching art to children, in and out of the classroom, as well as creating his own custom metal work, sculptures and paintings He has also been instrumental in grant writing and fundraising to develop educational programs and a community garden.Hip Veggies Artist Profile  |  Bag: Naranja
AdrianaGrossi Adriana Grossi has been painting for as long as she can remember, considering it a space in which she can express herself and to play. She is an artist and yoga teacher. Teaching, learning and practicing along with creating art have become the air she breathes, and the heart that beats in her. She is a self-taught artist, working primarily in watercolor and all water media. She also believe in recycling and having fun with different materials to create improbable yet useful “artefactos”, loves mural painting and finds fulfillment in sharing her knowledge in the workshops she teaches. “People are doors to new universes, new dimensions, nothing is more unexpected and wonderful. I love people. Doing things to create a better community and trying to leave something in the world for everyone to enjoy.”
SusanLundgren Dr. Susan Lundgren is a licensed primary care provider who brings the art and science of health care to the family practice model. She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a four-year medical school in Tempe, Arizona. In addition to her formal education at SCNM, she completed additional courses in botanical medicine as well as sought further training in womens health. Dr. Lundgren completed her undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina, where she majored in Biology and Fine Art with a minor in Chemistry.
CarlosRivas Like myself, my work is beat up and worn in,” says self-taught artist, Carlos Rivas. Born in El Paso, Texas in 1978, Rivas has been attracted to artistic beauty since childhood. “I come from an artistic family,” he says, “both of my siblings are artists, too.” While Rivas has always had a natural aptitude for art, he is a relative new-comer to the art scene. He began his professional art career in 2007. Rivas’ primary media consists of colored pencil, acrylic paint, and pen ink. Sketchpad paper is his canvas of choice. Because his work is typically large, he prefers to use plywood in lieu of traditional canvas as a supportive backing. He feels that plywood offers more durability and helps to accomplish the distressed “beat up” effect that is a signature element in his work.
RafaelNavarro Rafael Navarro has felt the need to create with with hands since he was a child in Mexico City. He would play and sculpt with anything within his reach. Not having any fancy toys, his favorite material was modeling clay, with which he’d make action figures. This hand mind exercise was the actual beginning of his career. Navarro works by instinct, through an internal dialog that he can’t ignore. The ideas dictate the medium, thereby fostering a strong relationship between the images and materials. He draws inspiration from his heritage, personal observations and childhood memories, and alters the same ideas by taking different approaches with various materials. He communicates visually, in a poetic manner, making similarities in the creation of life, music, and art. His work often pays tribute to women who create life; through conception, they create music and the masterpiece of a new person. Many of his musical pieces also represent the evolution of life.
Gennaro-daughter Gennaro Garcia grew up in and around the family’s restaurants back in Mexico. Along with his passion for fine cuisine, he discovered a passion for the arts. It wasn’t enough to prepare the foods he loved, he wanted to paint and photograph them – along with the scenery, people and places that created the memories and experiences that captured his hear and sustained his family.Hip Veggies Artist Profile
Rocco Rocco Meanugale‘s art is influenced by nature, organic forms, microbiology, and celestial patterns/objects. The art is conceptual in nature and speaks of the ideas of zooming far in and far out. It also exhibits the concepts of separation and union acting simultaneously to create a whole. Reflection and shadow are integral to the art. His art seeks to capture moments. It changes and moves as one moves past it and as the lighting around it changes.
ElMoises Originally from Baja, El Moises is now based in Phoenix. His distinctive style is bright, intense, and exhilarating with countless strokes of brilliant colors flowing in all directions layered on his images, often distorted and surreal, bordered in a bold black outline. Inspired by his roots, El Moises accents his wood carved frames with a Native American and/or Mexican folk art touch often bringing the artwork outside of the square dimensionsEl Moises recently created the new logo for the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Phoenix, as well as a mural of nopales on the Montessori School on First Street and Roosevelt. Nopales are a common theme in his art as well as his cooking! He enjoys visiting the farmer’s market with his five children, where they pick fresh fruits and vegetables they cook together at home. He is committed to reconnecting his culture with the health power of foods native to Mexico.